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Custom website design and hosting services

Custom Website Created For You

We do the design and layout work, so you can run your buisness!

Tired of having to battle with templates or those do it yourself website services with hidden fees?

Whether you need a simple landing page, or a multiple page site with many sections, we can create a beautiful site for your business. We will do all the site design work for you, so all you need to do is provide the content.

Contact us and we will setup an initial meeting to gather information on what your business needs are. We can advise you on what would be the best web presence for you, and adapt our design and hosting program to meet your specific needs.

Hosting, Domains, and Long Term Support

Rest easy, we'll make sure your site and domain will just work!

We will host your site, complete with a domain, and keep everything running. This means you can just type your url and know your pages work. No more messing with DNS services or dealing with technical control panels just to keep your site working.

Our long term support team will maintain the site and keep it running for you. Should anything go wrong, we are here to support and fix the problem! All you need to know is that typing your url will now “just work”. This frees up your time for actually running your business!

Some examples of our work!

Example Sites

Check out some examples

These links are to web pages we have created, either for clients, or for layout demonstration purposes. Clicking any of the links below should open the site in a new window. When you are done previewing the site, simply close the window to come back here.

Disclaimer: The information in external websites is outside of the control of Sharpest Tool Technology Services. We cannot be held responsible for any content shown on our clients pages, so visit at your own risk. The links are presented here solely for the purpose of demonstrating what kinds of website you can get through our services.

Glub Glub, a demo site for a fictional news blog company.
(site is for design example only, the links on site don't go anywhere.)

Check it Out

May 17, 2019

Orange Suppliers, a mockup store page with products to sell.
(site is for design example only, the links on site don't go anywhere.)

Check it Out

May 29, 2019

Random People Photography, Gallery Type Demo Website.
(site is for design example only, the links on site don't go anywhere.)

Check it Out

June 17, 2019

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Additional Site Features

Pick Features You Need, Skip Features You Don't

The following features are add ons we can include in addition to the standard Setup and Design of your website. All prices listed are in addition to the normal Setup and Design Fee. This helps cover the extra time we must take to add the feature to your website design.

All the services below will not add anything to your monthly/yearly cost. The monthly/yearly hosting plan covers your whole website regardless how many of the below services you need.

When we setup these features for you, your site will contain an administrative control panel for you to manage the content. We can offer support for your use of the control panels, but it will be up to you to create the content, such as inventory listings or blog article content.

Help Desk

Support Ticket System

We can install a help desk system for your site. Customers can submit tickets, and you can reply and manage everything using your administrative accounts and the built in control panels.

Listing Service

Searchable Lists of Unique Items

We can create a listing service feature for your site. This is ideal for unique items, such as car sales, or unique art pieces. It can be configured to allow customers or only certain employees to post new listings. The listings are searchable, and can be filtered. Your site can also feature the listings on web pages as content. Great resource for if you have lots of unique listed items for customers to sort through.

Shopping Cart

Let Your Site Sell Your Products

We can setup a shopping cart system for your site. This will allow you to create listings for your products. Visitors to the site can create an account and add items to a cart. They can then check out using various payment methods such as a business Paypal account. You can track items, quantities, orders, and manage the store inventory using your own website administration panels.

Access Control

Lock Pages Behind User Accounts

This enables you to control access to parts of your website. This can be used for internal employee only pages, user accounts with various access levels, or paid for content on your site only accessible by “premium” accounts. It can also be setup to allow visitors to create their own accounts, allowing such setups as having a free account and then upgrading to a “premium” account with more access.


Display Upcoming Events

This allows your site to have a built in calendar. You can create events and even multiple calendars in the system. The site can then show your visitors the upcoming events dynamically. You can manage the calendar events through an admin dashboard. Great way to announce public gatherings, or upcoming special events.


Write Articles and Promote Yourself

You can have unlimited blogs on your website, with optionally as many contributors as you need. Each blog post features a comments area for your visitors to interact with. You have an administrative panel to manage everything built into your website. This is a great way to have dynamic content on your website, such as articles or your latest company news announcements.


Gain Subscribers and Send Announcements

Visitors can sign up for your newsletter through a subscription box. You can use the admin control panel located right on your own website to create the newsletters and send them out to your subscribers. You can have multiple lists of subscribers and control who gets each newsletter.


Give Your Visitors a Voice

Visitors can sign a guestbook on your site, leaving customer testimonials or product/service reviews. You can access an administrative dashboard to control all the features and manage the content.

Web Ballot

Gather Customer Opinions

You can create polls for your visitors to interact with. Visitors will be able to select a single response and submit votes. You will have an administration dashboard to control the whole system from, and can show the poll results on your site.

Whois Online

See Visitor Activity

This allows you to see who is visiting your site, and what pages they are at. Only the administration accounts of your website can see the listings. This can provide data on what pages or products attract the most attention.